It’s difficult to capture a moment in time.

As a photographer, I know when the shutter opens for that split second, it merely captures the visual imagery reflected in its mirror. Limited to its one sensory interpretation, the camera is destined to ignore the sounds, the smells, the touch of what’s embraced in the viewfinder.

As I look back on moments from my life, I’m forced to rely on my own memories…my own recollection…my own interpretation.

There are some moments that quickly fade away.
There are other moments that I put away for future reference…store them in my own personal time capsule and look back on them in years to come.

And still, there are other moments that stay with me to call upon on a daily basis…and pull strength from when the day grows dark too soon.

I trust the moments you’ve chosen to capture with your Dad provide you with peace and harmony…a measuring stick, so to speak, of the people and places that make up your visual imagery. Embrace them.

Bill and Becky Klosterman