Our Difference


“We do more to make it easier for you!” is not only our tagline; it is a sincere commitment from our staff to provide unbelievable service you can’t get from any other funeral home in Northern Kentucky. The Linnemann difference will be clear upon first contact. Experienced and dedicated, our compassionate staff demonstrates a calling to funeral service. Many of our employees have worked for our company for over 25 years.


In 1987, Linnemann Funeral Homes launched our own aftercare department, and to this day, we remain the only funeral home in Northern Kentucky to offer this unique service, allowing us to continue caring for our families long after the funeral is over. We provide support groups as well as monthly meetings at our event center to help families with their individual healing needs. To further support our community, Marsha Linnemann initiated the STARS program in 1996, which assists grieving children and families who have suffered a loss. Linnemann Funeral Homes has also been a partner in area grief camps for children. We will continue improving our commitment to aftercare in 2016, as we expand our aftercare department to include an on-site, licensed grief therapist who will complete an initial consultation for our families, free of charge.

In 2005, Linnemann Funeral Homes established our Unforgettable Memories program. This is a program that focuses on the life that was lived by each individual we serve. We provide a talented writing staff that creates a personal life story for your loved one. Then, our technical experts arrange the story in booklet form and embellish it with personal photographs, creating a unique tribute to your loved one. To accompany this booklet, we compose a personalized video from your loved one’s story and photos, set to music. Our families have found this program to be a very moving addition to their funeral experience.

In 2009, we constructed and launched our on-site crematory. We are the only funeral home in Northern Kentucky with this resource. You can rest assured that your loved one will never leave our care. We only cremate for our families; we do not provide this service for others in the area, assuring that we maintain our highest standards with regards to identification and facilities management. We have several funeral directors that are certified crematory operators, and our manager, Gene Monell personally maintains our cremation services.

Also, in 2009, we initiated a separate business for our furry friends. Our staff, as pet owners, realized our beloved pets are part of our family, and they leave a huge hole in our hearts when they die. With this in mind, we instituted Linnemann Pet Services. We have a separate cremation retort for these animals and we offer single cremation for an affordable price. We pride ourselves on immediate pick-up from your vet or home. Families have been impressed with our compassion and attention to detail with this service. We also hold special programs, such as “Paws to Remember,” to commemorate our pet losses.

In 2014, after suffering a devastating fire to our Burlington location, we committed ourselves to rebuilding an even better funeral home with our families’ needs in mind. We erected an all-new, state-of-the-art funeral home in the Boone County area. This building also includes an event center, where families can host their post-funeral reception. Families can’t believe the convenience of inviting friends and family to enjoy food and fellowship together after a funeral in such a beautiful space with no-hassle cleanup.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but after serving families for six generations, you can call Linnemann and trust that your family will be cared for like a member of our family.