Terry S

Louis did a great job and went above the call of duty! The entire staff made us feel special and took care of our needs no matter what it was. They felt like family.  I  can’t express the gratitude and love we as a family felt about Linnemann’s what a blessing they were… – Terry S.

Marty P

Excellent Job! They thought of every detail and took the pressure off us. – Marty P.

George S

Totally Professional! Exceeded my expectations. Top Notch! – George S.

Sharon R

Jason was efficient, considerate, and easy to communicate with. The service was perfect. – Sharon R.

Mary Jo D

Exceptional in every way, the follow up cards on special days, and ornaments and grief support is impressive. – Mary Jo D.

Connie M

AJ Schier was a great person to work with. He was helpful with no pressure. Dave Meyer was kind and genuine when we preplanned. Dottie the secretary has helped me with follow-up insurance questions. – Connie M.

Ron B

John Gay was with us throughout the whole time. He was prepared, thoughtful, and had answers for every question.  We were treated great and respected. Even though I knew they had other funerals going on, we felt like we were the only ones being cared for. – Ron B.

Sandi G

Everyone was wonderful. Bart was a pleasure to work with and made the process during a difficult time easy. We had a large crowd of people back to my home. I may have looked more at their facility for a lunch if I would have realized how many people would come back. – Sandi G.

Kim S

Everything was perfect! – Kim S.

Jim G

Their sincere compassion and concern were a great source of comfort to my family. They made themselves available 24/7 on a cold, snowy weekend to assist us in preparing the life story and video for Mom’s funeral. Even though we had pre-planned, the staff went over every detail and listened intently to all the memories and comments we shared, and there were 8 of us so you can imagine the conversing that took place. – Jim G.

Donna W

I feel like the visitation and service was exactly what my husband would have wanted. They were great listeners and never made us feel rushed. I was very happy with everything. – Donna W.

Paul W.

I was extremely impressed, the building was beautiful and the staff was wonderful to work with. They knew our financial status and did not try to sell us things we didn’t need. – Paul W.

John P

The funeral home was beautiful and comfortable. The staff helped transport items to the reception following the services. They ensured my mother’s life was personalized and done in such a professional way.  – John P.

Debbie S.

Our family did not have to worry about anything. We felt very well about every aspect of this difficult time and never felt overwhelmed with worry about this process. They were very professional and compassionate.  – Debbie S.

Patty R.

The entire staff, including the owners, was very responsive to our needs. Clearly they cared about my grandmother’s life and could not have been more helpful. 

Louis Linnemann was our funeral director and I can’t say enough about the wonderful, personalized caring service he provided. He was available, responsive and so considerate of our family’s wishes. Marsha Linnemann did a phenomenal job on the story of her life for the funeral service. – Patty R.

Cindy D

Jason Monell made the whole process easy and stress free. – Cindy D.

Stacey Heger

Service was handled perfect. I was in awe when they removed my mother and were so respectful. They pulled her blanket up and left a single white rose on the pillow. It was so precious to me. – Stacey Heger

Sue Clare

Bart was so patient and really tried to learn all he could about our loved one. He came up with great ideas. The Linnemann staff just felt like family. – Sue Clare